Does Global Test Market Scam?

Whether a person is new to the world of surveys or has been doing it for years, many may find themselves questioning the legitimacy of several companies, often due to circulating and ongoing rumors of companies who have scammed in the past. Even well-known and long-established survey companies tend to fall victim to such rumors. One such company that occasionally gets hit by the rumor mill is Global Test Market, leaving several would-be survey hunters uncertain and sometimes wondering, "does Global Test Market scam?" 

Global Test Market is a company that was originally founded by GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.), all the way back in 1999, so they have been around for quite some time and still running strong, adding a bit more to both reputation and the legitimacy of the company itself. It is also frequently stated that their user-friendly website and customer support outweighs much of the competition. 

While the company is certainly one who pays as customers reach their allotted minimum market points in order to get paid (1000 points or more), some people may have different results in obtaining their pay due to various circumstances. In some cases, just as with other survey companies, the amount of surveys that one receives may vary on the personal information given, as certain surveys require certain statistics which not everyone who's signed up may meet. Due to this, some people may find it difficult to reach the minimum, even before points expire (12 months no activity or 3 years from award date), versus what other people's experiences might be.

global test market scam

However, in some cases, it is said that surveys may also fall into email spam or junk folders, so it's a good rule of thumb to add their survey email address to the address folder of an email account.

Likely the most frequently complained about topic that people find unsatisfactory, depending on the individual, is the frequency in which certain individuals may get turned down for the actual survey during the pre-screening survey.

This is generally due to the person not meeting the desired statistics, background and so forth that particular clients of the company are looking for. However, unlike many companies who either offer no incentive for trying or a simple sweepstakes offer, GTM at least offers 1-point incentive for participating which adds up over time, as well as sweepstakes incentives.

Overall, it is quite possible to be accepted for full surveys, despite popular disbelief; it's just a matter of meeting the necessary requirements.

While some may feel that the company may lack in terms of survey invites and success in getting through to the full survey, others report frequent survey invites and acceptance to do surveys. So, back to the old question once more: does Global Test Market scam? The answer? No. 

global test market

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